Arif Haque. Australia Alhambra 4P Spruce.

Greetings from Downunder, Let me state at the outset, I do not get the opportunity to write this type of email at all. The reason is very simple …………… the world has forgotten or is forgetting about a little thing called customer service, fairness, building trust etc. and retailers care little about their customers.

In the past decade or so I have only acknowledged perhaps three great customer experiences …….. maybe I am hard to please or have very high expectations or am just bloody old fashioned. I apologise for this tardy feedback but life got in the way.

It has now been over 3 years since I purchased an Alhambra 4P Spruce for my 12 year old (at the time) who will be sitting for his Grade IV music exam middle of this year. To say I am and was impressed with the quality of service from Stafford would be an understatement.

I believe I spoke over the phone with Sandra and she guided me through the purchasing process in her extremely courteous, professional and caring manner. After our conversation I got the confidence to purchase a guitar, unseen, untried over the net. As I am several thousand kilometres away I had no way of testing the guitars prior to purchase. So I requested, if possible, the best of the stock at the time. Sandra said she will play each of the guitars and pick the one which she thought was the best.

Within four days I received a Spruce 4P which several seasoned classical guitarists made very favourable comments on. I asked for a good quality guitar case as well and received a Hiscox. The speed of delivery was just staggering as was the quality of packaging. The service was excellent, the product is excellent and Sandra was just fantastic. In fact, from a customer’s perspective you could not ask for more, the whole experience was second to none.

Business schools should use Stafford as a case study in how to treat customers. I have recommended Stafford to everyone who desires to purchase a classical guitar. I am a strong believer in supporting local businesses but in this instance I just could not justify going through the anguish of dealing with people who are only interested in the money side of the transaction.

Adrian, you have a loyal customer in Australia who will continue to recommend your company to all. Thank you Sandra for everything and I will certainly be back when the time comes to upgrade my son’s guitar ………… or maybe ………. he will be able to pay for it himself by then. One can only hope. Warmest regards, Arif Haque