Andy Smith. UK

As promised a note to let you know how I am getting on with the Cashimira 105.

In one word, great. I love the guitar. As you know I was playing a guitar previously that really wasn't all that suitable for Flamenco, so to move to this instrument has been a revelation. It really does make me happy to be able to make some authentic music (on a good day). I love the tone, nice and crisp, with an impressive growl for chord work. I was looking for a guitar that would provide a traditional sound and it certainly does that, and more. The construction is very nice indeed, the only negative point being the quality of the tuner knobs.

The tuners are fine, but the knobs are a bit on the cheap side, this really is a minor moan though! It gives me pleasure to look at it each time I open the case. A beautiful blanca.

What can I say about buying from you that hasn't been said before? It was a very pleasant experience indeed. A world away from the usual music shop trauma that I so dislike. Your insights and advice when I was nearly torn between 2 different guitars helped me to make the right decision. And it was nice to talk music for an hour or so. I am a novice, but I felt at ease, and was able to take my time evaluating the guitars that you had identified as possibles. I don't think that this happens all that often. So thanks again, if I ever outgrow this guitar you will see me again.

All the best,