Adrian Bennett. England. String Tie's & Savarez Strings.

Hi Adrain & Sandra,

I made the journey to the Stafford Guitar Centre from Birmingham yesterday. It was my first visit to your Centre and I was warmly welcomed by Sandra. I booked a place on your October Guitar playing course, purchased some strings and discussed the Tenor String Ties that you mailed to me earlier in the week. Sandra asked me to comment on how I found them once I'd fitted them to my guitar.

Well I must say I'm pleased to have made the effort,

I restrung the instrument with the existing strings in order to make a fair comparison. The results weren't spectacular (I wasn't expecting them to be), but I found the feel of the guitar to be just a little firmer and maybe a fraction more strident in it's treble sound. What I really did like though, was the elegance of them once in place, and of them being a nice solution to the always fiddly business of tying on strings. Well worthwhile and I will persist in their use.

For some time I have been contemplating trying some hard tension strings (I've used the standard medium tensions since I was 11 years old and they were all you could buy) and Sandra recommended a set by Savarez. I chose the Alliance Cantigas 510 AJ. I fitted them last night (with the String Ties of course!) and was taken aback by the results. My guitar is a new relatively inexpensive Raimundo 138 all solid wood instrument - Cedar, Walnut, Ebony. Those Savarez stings really did wake it up! I don't know if it was the higher tension or the high tech materials used in their manufacture, but the trebles (B & E) especially have an attractive almost fizzy/very slightly metallic quality to them which beams out of the guitar. "Fizzy/metallic" are probably not good words to use to describe the sound of Classical guitar strings(!), but in context they are remarkable. I'm re-learning my guitar's tonality all over again and finding power and projection that wasn't there before with the mellower Hannabach strings I've been using since I returned to some serious guitar study.

Please pass on my thanks to Sandra especially for her advice yesterday and for the pleasant conversation we had about our playing histories and so on. I look forward to meeting you all in October at Farncombe. It will be enjoyable to sit down with some fellow players again - playing the Classical Guitar can be a solitary business.

Regards and thanks, Adrian Bennett.