Robert Walker, Greenock, Scotland Vicente Carrillo 1a - Spruce

Dear Adrian,

The Carrillo 1a has been in my possession for a couple of weeks now and I thought it was time to share my impressions. Moving up from a mid range student guitar I expected that there would be a significant improvement. I am however delighted to say that the difference is absolutely huge. The quality of the instrument in terms of construction, sound and playability is wonderful, especially when you consider the cost. There is a lovely balance across the guitar with clear separation of the voices, crystal trebles and assured basses. Being Spruce I know that she will develop further over time but she already demonstrates a lovely warmth and sweetness of tone.

Many thanks for your help and advice in making my choice. Thanks also to Selina for giving her first impressions when the guitar arrived at the studio. Last but not least, thanks to Sandra for her friendly, enthusiastic and very professional assistance.

Best Wishes