Gordon McLaren, UK Vicente Carrillo 1a Estudio - Cedar

Hello Adrian

You will recall I purchased a Carrillo 1a Estudio Cedar guitar from you at the beginning of the year. She is a beautiful instrument who sits in my lap perfectly, encouraging me to play. The main benefit she brings is to draw my attention to the sound we produce together - to listen. Prioritising the production of tone quality allows me to assess the quality of my playing. As I practice to improve my technique, my first objective is always to ensure that each note delights the ear. Discovering the sounds my guitar has to offer, and producing them when practicing, makes working on technical exercises enjoyable rather than boring. When technical exercises have been mastered in this way, I feel confident that my playing has improved, and justified in moving on to the next level. The clear identity of the notes I am able to produce, helps me to hear and understand the voices in a piece of music, and also to interpret the phrasing. I have just been playing Gaspar Sanz's Rujero, a piece I learnt several years ago, and hopefully can play well. Familiarity with the piece and having such a palette of sounds to choose from, enables me to play it the way the music suggests itself to me. Being able to do this is such a joy.

Thank you for your advice and help in finding an instrument I really like. She encourages me to study, and will continue to reveal to me the beauty of the music of the classical guitar.