Goodbye to Farncombe Hello Billesley

Last farncombe


After 12 years we wave goodbye to Farncombe
as a venue for our weekend classical guitar course.



New owners of the estate decided to alter their business model
and aim more towards the five star hotel style, this is sad
us as we have very much enjoyed out time here
but then everything in life changes.


Last Farncombe view

Memories – The views – Yes there are views in abundance as the estate is built on the side of a hill.
The Malvern Hills off in the distance were a heart lifting visual experience when first arriving.

The Estate – Had its ups and downs with plenty of steps delivering enforced exercise
for the long suffering guitarist sitting playing all day.

Walking to the restaurant for meals could be a lovely relaxing stroll in the sunshine or
a rapid canter down steep steps on a winters day, both invigorating.

Last Farncombe climb





The accommodation – always interesting! When the rooms were upgraded to ‘Distressed furniture’ we laughed over dinner at our experiences of cupboard doors falling off and furniture so distressed there were wide cracks in the woodwork.

Last Farncombe dinner





Wildlife – Deer, Badgers, Rabbits and Ladybirds, yes each year my room would be full of a new hatching of Ladybirds.
Staff – Always helpful, always friendly.


Last farncombe class





Teaching room – Expansive, allowing room for all to spread out and for me to be my annoying boisterous self. 




Yes we had many happy times at Farncombe and now we are moving on to our new venue Billesley Hall.
Our Classical Guitar weekends will continue with a wonderful mix of Fun, Learning, Enjoyment and Comfort
set amongst beautiful surrounds steeped in history - I can't wait.


billesley manor hotel