Finger Exercise

For those that read my last Blog -

How did you get on with Carcassi Study No 2?

Difficult, Strange, Interesting, Can't see the point, are all relevant comments.

As I mentioned before if you are happy with your right hand there is no need to become involved with all this strange practice however if there is a slight desire to improve ? What have you got to lose?

Carrying on with the idea of using the little finger here is a little something else you may wish to experiment with.

Guitar Finger Exercise

Place your right hand in this position on the guitar.

Note that the power for the movement of the finger comes from the 1st joint where the finger joins the hand.

For correct positioning of the hand note how the power joint is roughly over the string its finger intends playing, in this picture the G string.

For basic movement of our right hand fingers we stroke the strings, not pick, pluck, twang or any other method one may have heard of.

Guitar Finger Exercise

You can see from this picture how the finger would look had we stroked the string.

The power joint takes the finger through the string with the 2nd and 3rd joints following through. resulting in a nice stroking action.

If everything feels uncomfortable as you stroke through try re-positioning your hand slightly and or relaxing the stroking finger.

Return the finger to its start point and try again.

Now for a little exercise!

The following exercise is a good warm up which also helps to strengthen your fingers and develop greater mobility.

It is simple yet effective.

Place all 4 fingers onto string 3 the G string

Moving one finger and keeping the other 3 stay in place on the G string, each finger will do the following exercise in turn with as many repetitions as you can cope with.

The exercise requires you to STROKE a finger across the strings allowing it to pass through the B string, G string and D string in one fluid movement.

On the return your playing finger will pass through the D string followed by the G and B strings.

The contact point for the return is the back of the finger nail.

On the return stroke drive through the movement ensuring your finger ends roughly with this shape prior to returning and repeating the exercise.

Guitar Finger Exercise

It is important that you do not allow your finger to finish like this

Guitar Finger Exercise

See how the finger is completely straight.

Should your finger look like this there is a strong possibility that you are not leading with the power joint.

This exercise is also great for Flamenco players.

Now carry out the same movement with all fingers including my favorite, finger 4.

Attempt to work each finger for 30 seconds and then try the next finger.

As you find this easier extend the time for each finger.

While working each finger do you notice anything different in their abilities.

For example is the 3rd "a" finger weaker than the others?

If the answer is yes then your goal is to train it until "a" is as able as the others.

You are now one step closer to a balanced hand.

Changing the subject.

I found this picture recently and it reminded me of when Selina received her first guitar from Michael Gee.

Cartoon Baby