Talking with one of my younger students, and just for a bit of fun, I mentioned that 2017 is the year when he learns to play emotionally, to which he replied what do you mean, play emotionally.

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A phrase I occasionally use when teaching is-

“Sitting on a fence watching your fingers play”

Fence Sitting-
Yesterday I was visited by a young person looking for a new guitar, for ease of writing let’s call her Jenny.

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Have you ever felt that despite all your guitar practice there is still a little something missing?

As you may be aware Selina and I offer weekend guitar courses for those who wish to advance their enjoyment of the guitar and their appreciation of the music. In fact we have just returned from our April course at Wedgwood which is probably why this topic is fresh in my mind.

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One of the saddest times in musical life is when you hear of someone giving up the playing of an instrument.

As a teacher it hits very hard when the person giving up is one of your own pupils.

I am not talking about child musicians, they are no less important but their reasons for learning to play and for giving up are often less heartfelt, no here in this blog I am focussing on the adult student.

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Teacher - Trainer

When looking to improve your skills as a guitarist have you ever thought “would I like to be taught by a teacher or a trained by a trainer ?” or “do I respond best to being taught or trained ?”

Is there a difference between a teacher and a trainer ?

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Carton Character Excersiing

A question asked by many a student and I suppose if I take off my teacher head I can appreciate the reasoning behind the question.

Looking at my life outside of music, yes I do have one, I am just as guilty as any reticent guitar student when it comes to deciding how much effort or time I am willing to allocate to achieving my goal.

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