David Smith. Scotland. Bernabe M5 Cedar.

Hi Sandra

I’d like to say how impressed I was when I was there in May by the way I was treated; both Adrian and yourself were so friendly and helpful, and I didn’t feel pushed or rushed to make a decision. Its a very relaxed environment which allows the guitars to speak for themselves, and I have no regrets about choosing the Paulino Bernabe M5 cedar, even though it stretched my budget substantially!

It stood head and shoulders, for me, above all the others I tried, and since I got back home, it has inspired me to greater heights, being so much easier to play than anything I’ve had before, with its rich dark basses and bright, clean, singing trebles, and very evenly balanced right across the fingerboard. And great projection! Even when you tap the top it just feels so alive! I’ve done some research on the internet and it seems to get high praise from all who have played it, so I feel I’ve really got something special for the price! Can you tell me, by the way, what strings are fitted to it? I intend to experiment with a few different sets eventually, as Adrian suggested, but I really like how it sounds with the strings that are on it right now and would like to keep a note of what they are. Oh, and did you ever investigate the De Oro Guitarest I showed you? I’m finding it really good.

Many thanks again to you all and

Warm regards David