Tom Cunliffe. UK Alhambra 8P Spruce

Hi Adrian,

You will remember that I bought an Alhambra 8P from your website back in January. You asked me to let you know what I thought of it after I'd had it for a while, so here goes. The guitar is very beautiful. Aesthetically is is perfect, with a classic Ramirez shape with fairly unobtrusive decorative elements - a classic design which speaks for itself. The finish is superb throughout. It has Indian rosewood back and sides. The top is European spruce and is I believe, AAA quality, with both halves matching perfectly. The bridge is Brazilian rosewood, the neck is mahogany with an ebony fingerboard - very fine quality woods throughout.

The machine heads are very high quality and the guitar is noticeably easy to tune. The sound is very rich with strong basses. It is capable of playing at a high volume when required. The trebles give a warm tone throughout and its possible to get those Segovia-like singing sounds on the upper positions. It is difficult to see how a luthier-made guitar could be any better than this. I am familiar with some fine guitars and I have to keep quiet about the qualities of my Alhambra which in my view excels those of my friends' much more expensive instruments.

So Adrian, a fine guitar indeed, but I wouldn't sell too many of them if I were you because you're unlikely to get the customers coming back for something better! My only slightly adverse comment is that the action seems to be a little high - however this is personal taste and I would expect a new instrument to require some adjustment after a few month, and in no way detracts from this review.