Jacob Martin. UK. Alhambra 6P.

Adrian, Sandra and Selina.

Please pardon my ignorance at not letting you know of my guitars safe arrival sooner than now. I could really tell whilst unpacking her that so much care was taken in making sure she was protected, for that i am grateful. She is a piece of beauty, she has the most delicate voice but yet will really resonate when played a little harder. Selina was so right in her description of this guitar, there really is a gentle bell like quality to the voice and the sound fills the room. I think she was quite sad when i got her out of the box after and after admiring her and tuning the strings I couldnt help but come out with some Amn7 and sad sounding F shapes etc and the more I played her it seems she started getting louder and happier and then I started trying out some Tarrega ive recently been practicing. I am so thankful I came across a heartfelt company like yours and thanks for the advice regarding the humidity. I shall be ordering a humidifier from you guys soon, along with one of those beautiful cases pretty soon and also I have quite alot of guitar playing friends who inevitably will be inspired to take up proper spanish style guitar after hearing my 'Lila Robyn' and they will be directed straight to you guys.

Many thanks muchos gracias and God bless.

Speak to you soon.