I have been playing the Alhambra 9PA for just over four months.  Initially I was a little disappointed but soon attributed this to the strings supplied (and ,of course, to the newness of the instrument).  With D’Addario EJ45 fitted there was a marked improvement and after a few weeks I changed again to EJ45TT.  However, the strings that completely transformed this instrument and made it sound like one twice the price (or more) were Savarez Alliance.  With these strings and, after many hours of practice, the instrument now produces a wonderful sound in which the ‘spruce tone’is evident.
Thank you.

Hi Adrian,

You will remember that I bought an Alhambra 8P from your website back in January. You asked me to let you know what I thought of it after I'd had it for a while, so here goes. The guitar is very beautiful. Aesthetically is is perfect,

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Not being a very proficient or experienced classical guitarist, rather than trying to give a review in those terms, I’d like to recount my experience of my visit to Stafford Classical Guitar Centre. When time came to retire my 40 year old Vicente Sanchis, I was advised to visit Stafford Classical Guitar Centre. I am no Paco de Lucia but although I play simply, I am fussy about my instrument and the sound it projects. Adrian’s extensive knowledge and experience was of immense value to me.

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Adrian, Sandra and Selina.

Please pardon my ignorance at not letting you know of my guitars safe arrival sooner than now. I could really tell whilst unpacking her that so much care was taken in making sure she was protected, for that i am grateful.

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Thanks so much Adrian & Selina!

I really value the candid, careful expert advice provided by you both for my purchase of a quality Alhambra guitar. I have just placed my order with SagePay for the 9P Spruce top. Congrats on the website too-It is very easy to get key information and some pretty useful insights into each Alhambra guitar model but the reviews and your follow-up emails helped me navigate the “select-at-a- distance” challenges.

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I like to thank you for sending the guitar. It arrived safely and it is a beautiful guitar. The sound is very good. My son is proud to play on his Alhambra. We get the two strings you send. It was a pleasure to do business with you and that we can trust you. If i must buy another guitar, I order it from you. I keep your webside.

Thanks God bless you xx

Hendrik Pollard

Greetings from Downunder, Let me state at the outset, I do not get the opportunity to write this type of email at all. The reason is very simple …………… the world has forgotten or is forgetting about a little thing called customer service, fairness, building trust etc. and retailers care little about their customers.

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Hello Adrian. received the Alhambra 4PZ as promised, it is quite delightful,thank you.

No room for disappointment here.

with best regards


Hi Adrian,

A quick note to tell you that the 5P I picked up this morning is now fully commissioned and giving me lots of pleasure to play. The response and clarity are so much better than my previous instrument and I have difficulty in ending practice sessions.

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Hello Adrian!

I want to let you know that I received my guitar on Friday and I'd like to thank you, she is really a lovely peace of art. It took a few days for strings to stop stretching and now I can tell that the sound is rich and clear. I am really impressed thank you very much. Sincerely

Leonard M. Mavashev.

Hi Adrian, Selina and Sandra,

This is just to let you know thay my guitar (Alhambra 9P) arrived safely yesterday. She is blemish free and the workmaship appears to be of a high standard. I'll tune her up and have a play later today.

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I received the guitar today. Everything looks good. It does have a beautiful, deep tone. This is my first classical guitar. I have played the acoustic guitar, and the classical does have a very different sound and feel. I think I will really enjoy it.

Thanks for all the information and for your good service. I am impressed with the pod case also.

Hi Adrian,

The guitar arrived in school yesterday as predicted - in time for Edward's guitar lesson which was a bonus. First impressions - the wood grain and general appearence is lovely and also most noticeable, compared to his starter guitar, is the beautiful tone and dynamic range. Thank you for your excellent service.

Best wishes Jill Libby