Tenor String-Tie - Pearl White

Tenor String-Tie - Pearl White

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Tying strings has never been so easy.

The use of a Tenor String -Tie increases the angle of the string towards the bone, allowing the bridge to be significantly lowered, improving sound quality.

Avoids string slippage and tuning problems.

The best and most secure way to tie Classical and Flamenco guitar strings as well as other string instruments.

Fast and easy to use.

Prevents damage to the guitar top by tying the strings away from the guitar.

"Dresses" your guitar yet preserving the guitar's traditional look.

Re-use each time you change the strings.

Manufactured with ecological products without chemical materials or plastics.

Available in 3 colours Pearl White, Amber and Ebony

Marcelo Raij. Guitarist and String-Tie creator

I have fitted String-Tie's to my Kevin Aram guitar and have been using them for over one year. I realise this is not a scientific test yet I do feel my guitar is more responsive and playing is a little easier.

If you are uncertain I would say try them, they may not make a difference to your guitar but then they may and for me that is a good enough reason.