Sagework Umbra Model Short size

Sagework Umbra Model Short size

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The Umbra and its partner, the handmade Atlas are the only guitar supports attaching through the use of magnets.

The Umbra Guitar Support is made completely from VyDyne reinforced nylon and has the same functionality and adjustability as the Atlas.

Find the perfect position for your support and simply attach two high strength magnets inside your guitar along the lower bout with removable 3M Command Strips.

With the magnets in place, the support attaches to the exact same spot every time, attaching and detaching very easily.


The use of magnets ensures secure attachment allowing the support to "find" the proper location on the instrument instantaneously through magnetic attraction. This unique method of attaching is only one of many features that sets this support apart from others.

The unique design features of the Sagework guitar support make it the most reliable, adjustable, and comfortable support on the market. The Guitar Support is designed to safely and securely hold your instrument in optimal position while you are seated. Intelligent design features make this support easy to adjust while ensuring stability, portability, and comfort.

The Sagework Guitar Support has been designed to be both elegant and practical it is compact and can be quickly folded for storage in most guitar cases. Meticulously engineered to provide the player with a high level of comfort and renewed confidence.

Available in two sizes:-

Standard model = 12cm - adjustable to 17.5cm

Short model = 9.5cm - adjustable to 12cm


  • Comfort - The versatile adjustability and the comfort-focused design of the leg rest ensures hours of comfortable playing.
    The leg rest features a soft, non-slip pad to ensure proper placement of the instrument while you play.
  • Adjustability - Four discrete mechanisms allow adjustment of the guitar to suit the player.
    Suitable for left and right leg playing and left and right handed players.
  • Portability - Collapsible and portable, fitting the storage compartment of most instrument cases.
  • Stability - The Sagework Support owes its stability to the unique way it attaches to the instrument staying firmly and reliably attached.
    Many supports use suction cups which may unexpectedly detach from the instrument.
  • Finish-Safe - Suction cups and clamping mechanisms may damage instrument finishes.
    The Sagework Support uses a finish-safe protective covering that keeps the support in place during while being gentle on the instrument's finish.
    The protective pads that touch your guitar will not chemically react with its finish.

Do not use this product if you have a pacemaker or similar as the magnets may interfere with its operation.