Oasis Nail Shaper

Oasis Nail Shaper

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For classical guitarists or guitarists who play finger style with nails, this nail shaper is a must have tool.

Each of the four foam pads is mounted on a curved hard plastic base that allows the user excellent control to shape their nails just the way they want.

Less aggressive than the normal nail shaping products the Oasis enables you to obtain an excellent playing surface, much better than plain foam shapers.

I have never used a shaper that has done a better job!


Nail shaping is crucial to playing the classical guitar, the nail having the final contact with the string and the profile and polish of the nail having a real effect on the tone produced.

There are of course many products available for shaping nails including emery paper that can be bought relatively inexpensively from hardware stores. The problem with most files is that constant adjustment of the finger is necessary to get the correct angle and edge, and emery papers need support to file against to be properly effective.

While filing it is easy to lose the idea of the shape and line that is needed.

This Nail Shaper is the perfect answer as it has been carefully thought out to meet the task required.

There are four surfaces and each one has a separate ‘bevel’ or curve that enables the player to create a smooth, continuous sweep when shaping and polishing. Each curve also has a slight spring to it so that the dangers of flat spots and over filing are drastically reduced. It is easy to see what you are doing and the nail remains supported without having to turn the file or twist your hand to get the desired line.

A great tool in the never-ending battle with nails!

Phillip Thorne - Professor of guitar at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.