Googalie Cloth - Small

Googalie Cloth - Small

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Small 152mm x 152mm (8"x 8")

Googalies™ are the softest, most luxurious, and most effective polishing and cleaning cloths ever to touch the fine finish of your guitar.

These amazing microfibre suede cloths, made of polyester and nylon, will not scratch, shred, or leave lint as they clean and polish.

Several years of research and testing by Andromedan of hundreds of microfiber combinations has resulted in absolutely the best blend of fibers for cleaning and polishing fine instruments, all without the use of chemical cleaning agents.

In fact, even the most stubborn greasy smudges are removed with a slighty damp Googalie™.

Googalies are designed to be used dry and not with any other solvent or cleanser.

These exceptionally plush velvet/suede microfiber cloths contain no cleaning chemicals and can and should be washed frequently.

They will last for years.

And when it comes time to sell or trade your instrument, you will realize many times the investment made in a Googalies™ musical instrument cloth.