ErgoPlay Tappert for Kids

ErgoPlay Tappert for Kids

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Now available for children the Ergoplay rest can help youngsters grow to enjoy playing the guitar without any of the problems experienced by the older generation frm the extended use of a footstool.

The Ergoplay Tappeet allows the young player to maintain the correct posture whilst playing.

The best way to achieve a straight spine and a healthy pelvic posture is to keep both feet on the floor.

You will be able to breath more easily whilst practising and performing will be much more fun.

ErgoPlay, developed by guitarists for guitarists helping and improving natural posture right from the start.


  • Height adjusting.
  • Tilt adjustable.
  • Ideal ergonomic posture.
  • Improved playing technique.
  • Optimal acoustics.
  • Removable Suckers.