Abel ArmRest

Abel ArmRest

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The Abel Armrest (Armauflage) is a comfortable and ergonomic aid for playing the guitar.

Installation is easy with the adjustment screw.

The rest has felt mounting pads so you don't have to worry about damage or scratches to your guitar.

Suitable for both traditional classical positions and more relaxed acoustic positions.

When in use the rest is small enough to be hidden by the players arm and therefore not a distraction the the viewer.

The tone of your guitar is not affected as the rest attaches to the edges of the lower bout of the guitar.


  • The attachment engages only the top and bottom edge of the guitar.
  • The finish of the guitar is not affected as in designs with suction cups.
  • Neither upper arm, forearm touch the guitar.
  • The guitar top is allowed to vibrate freely.
  • The guitar sounds better, in that the arm does not restrict the movement of the soundboard.
  • Playing in the summer with bare arm is no longer a problem (arm does not stick to the guitars finish)
  • The guitar armrest actually fits for every guitar from full size to childrens guitars Suitable for frame width 8-12 cm
  • Easy to attach to the guitar and remove.
  • Fits in most guitar cases either under the head of the guitar or in the drawer below the neck.