Orhan Ummetler

Orhan born in Istanbul in 1975 started to play the Classical guitar in his childhood. After graduating he worked as a draftsman for several years before deciding on a change and attended the Pera Academy of Fine Arts where he studied guitar for four years.

In 2006 Orhan was attracted to the art of making guitars and decided to work in a carpenter workshop to gain experience and understanding of woods and to improve his skills as a craftsman.

During this period Orhan studied and trained to become a luthier and in 2014 his notoriety as a luthier gained him the position of Official Luthier at the International Istanbul Classical Guitar Festival where he gave seminars on classical guitar making and the history of the instrument.

In 2015 Orhan met with Andrea Tacchi in Florence and spent time studying with him looking specifically at the design and workings of the guitars soundboard and bracing patterns.

During his time as a luthier Orhan has had the opportunity and privilege to restore Jerome Thibouville-Lamy’s 1870 romantic guitar and Vahakn Nigogosian’s 1940 classical guitar as well as examining Hermann Hauser’s 1958 No 632 guitar.

Currently as well as his work as a luthier Orhan gives instruction on Instrument Maintenance and Repair at the Istanbul State Conservatory. Concentrating on 3 types of guitar Orhan constructs his own traditional classical guitar with double sides, a homage model to Robert Bouchet and a traditional Flamenco guitar.

Orhan has a fine selection of old woods to choose from ranging from 40 year old Honduras rosewood, Indian rosewood, Bosnian Flame Maple, 40 year old Birdseye Maple and Mediterranean Cypress.


Orhan Ummetler


Ummetler Bouchet Model

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