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Michael Gee

Layered Top Design
Traditional Fan Brace Design
Torres Inspired
Price based on
Wood Selection.
Brazilian Rosewood   Inquire
Cocobolo Rosewood   £6200 GBP
Madagascar Rosewood   £6200 GBP
Indian Rosewood   £5950 GBP
Maple   £5950 GBP
prices ex vat
Guitar Availability.
Autumn 2016 arrivalAvailable







Michael Gee


New Torres Inspired Guitar
sold on the day it arrived.



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Michael Gee Guitar     Michael Gee Guitar     Michael Gee Guitar     Michael Gee Guitar

     Michael Gee Guitar     Michael Gee Guitar


XueFei Yang performs on a Michael Gee guitar --- youtube.

Famous Guitarists
owning a Michael Gee guitar.
Graham Devine.
David Russell.
Jose Luis Gonzalez.
Robert Brightmore.
Gordon Crossky.
The Sorros Duo.
Selina Madeley & Philip Thorne MBE.
Toru Kannari.
Paulo Amorim.
Mario Ulloa.
Simon Dinnigan.
The Artic Guitar Trio.
The Australian Guitar Trio.


Performing on a Michael Gee Guitar.


In 1977 after years of study Michael Gee opened his own workshop, making only classical guitars. Since those early days Michael has made over 500 guitars and sent his instruments to over 20 countries around the world.

Each instrument is unique and details such as purfling are entirely hand made. Michael uses the natural colours of woods including rosewood, paduk, ebony, maple and walnut to complement the woods used in his guitars.

Machine work is kept to a minimum as Michael prefers using hand tools - feeling much more in contact and control with the materials he is using.

Many concert performers and teachers have commissioned an instrument from Michael. David Russell, Robert Brightmore, Jose Luis Gonzales, Stephan Rak, Gordon Crosskey, Stanley Yates, Earl Klugh, Hubert Kaple are amongst the many internationally renowned musicians who own and have played Michael's guitars.

Using traditional materials of Brazilian and Indian rosewoods, cedar and spruce Michael makes concert guitars to his own design which he has carefully developed over the past 20 years with the help of many players. His guitars have been described as having exceptionally smooth and warm tone with great projection and excellent separation.

In addition to his own design, Michael makes a guitar based on a 1938 Herman Hauser which he once restored for a customer. He has been making this model for 15 years with great success.

Michael's latest instrument is the most beautiful of guitars. When you see this instrument you first notice the head. Made from the Burr root of a Big Leaf Maple tree and enhanced with a tear drop of Ebony.

Beautifully enhanced by Rodgers machine heads fitted with striking black Mother of Pearl buttons. Depending on the light these buttons display either black or purple alternating as they
move in the light.

The Table is made from European Spruce, Selected Indian or Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides. Finishing can be Shellac French Polished, Lacquered or Oiled to suit your preference.
The Rosette is made from naturally coloured woods to Michael's own design. No artificial colouring is used.

The Beauty of Wood.
Two Michael Gee guitars received during the month of August 2010.
Strikingly different, musically superb.

Michael Gee Guitar     Michael Gee Guitar

Michael Gee Guitar

Michael Gee Guitar

Michael Gee Guitar     Michael Gee Guitar

Michael Gee Guitar

Michael Gee Guitar


Michael Gee
10 String Guitar.




Michael Gee
Torres Inspired Guitar.

Click Image to view video.

Michael Gee
Left Hand Guitar.