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Our Sheet Music database is very searchable using any or all of the following - Composer name, Title, Musical standard, Exam board and Grade of piece both that of the exam boards and also our own Stafford Guitar grading.

Our aim is to not only bring you the up to date exam syllabus but also a selection of music we have enjoyed over our years of playing. The Stafford Guitar grading is to help you when selecting new pieces to learn.

In addition you will find Selina’s review of a piece or book helpful and again these reviews are carried out to help with your choice.

We are also happy to obtain music that we currently do not stock so if there is a book or piece you would like call and we will attempt to find it for you.

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Solo Now - Preparatory Book


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Specially commisioned easy and accessible guitar solos with minimal demands on the left-hand so that the student can concentrate on a stable relaxed right tirando technique. Other techniques such as appoyando, tremolo, simple chords, tambora and rasgueado are also covered.

Skill Level

This is a great new addition at the beginning of the EGTA guitar series. It introduces the idea of modern music at an early stage and gives invaluable experience in interpretation since the pieces need the performers input with articulation, dynamics and shaping to give them their character.

Over the years I have found that, given the chance, young people love to play dissonances and big contrasting dynamics, making the music more theatrical and telling a story that they can relate to.

Titles like "My Dog has Fleas", "Beasties" and "Square Pegs, Round Holes" make you smile and give you ideas of how the music should sound before playing a note! Other pieces like "The Lost Abbey", "The Forbidden City" and "Sad Song" need a lot of atmosphere, and "Japanese Garden" and "High Life" introduce different cultures and musical languages.

Several of the pieces reflect blues and reggae styles with simple, but very effective, syncopation. My favourites are "High Life" for its sheer happiness; "Rumba Flamenca" which makes excellent use of an 8/8 time signature; "Japanese Garden" for its beautiful delicacy and "Regular Reggae" which is just great fun!

I will definitely be introducing this book into my teaching repertoire.

Grade 1

  • A Little Russian Tale: a simple melody accompanied by open bass strings with a title and shape that really encourages character.
  • My Dog Has Fleas: this uses nice, open string arpeggio figures with some more jumpy, crotchet and quaver “itchy” rhythms.
  • Pas De Deux: introduces effective 2 part contrapuntal writing with a strong bass line.

Grade 2

  • Sad Song: asks for long, legato phrases using echoes and "question and answer" shape.
  • Gimme Five: with echoes of the famous Gimme Five, a strong syncopated rhythm.


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