John Steenson, Northern Ireland Antonio Sanchez 1030 - Cedar

Hi Adrian,

I will keep this short I hope.

I bought a Sanchez 1030 from you at the beginning of January. Absolutely delighted. Appearance: beautiful, not fancy but pleasing to the eye. Build quality superb. Sound: Not loud ie no booming basses and weak trebles, I think the term is well balanced. This has allowed me as a student to play the music and not just the notes. Playability very nice, can do things which I struggled to do with my previous guitar (Admira Capricho) God bless it. All in all can't find fault and I am a very happy chappy. Went for a 1/2 hr music lesson soon after it arrived and music teacher hogged it for 45mins. It was lovely to listen to though. Apologies for taking so long to reply but didn't have the time as I was playing my Sanchez 1030.

Please convey my thanks to Sandra for her help during the buying process, her assistance was invaluable and I certainly made the right choice. Also thanks to you for the extras included in the price, it was very much appreciated as I was at the limit of my budget.


John Steenson