Guy Miller USA.

Michael's guitar is still changing, as I play it becoming more sensitive and responsive. Some things remain the same: it is still piano-like, very even from bass to treble, tight and with volume to spare. When I play it, I'm conscious that it's a work of art; it has a delicate, aristocratic tone that is accessible but not easy (its "default" tone is buttery and smooth. With very small changes in my right hand position, this guitar's voice changes completely.

It requires a bit of handling. Still, I'd rather work with this guitar than something easier but less profound. Visually, Michael's guitar is exquisite. I had some friends over the other day, and from the instant I opened the case, they couldn't stop remarking how beautiful the design is. For myself, the only part of the guitar that seems to matter is the fingerboard. It's a wonderfully shaped plane of ebony that's fixed itself in my mind, so that I'm always looking forward to my next chance to play on it. Especially near the end of a working day, its presence is very strong!
I'd like to thank you and Selina again, for watching this order from start to finish, and making sure things went smoothly.