Gee Spruce Guitar, Singapore.

Hi Adrian and Sandra,

Just a note to let you know that the Guitar arrived safely this afternoon together with all the accessories. It was expertly packed and survived the long, arduous journey through the different ports across UK, Germany and China before arriving here. No issue at all. I must admit that initially I had been quite concerned over its handling in transit but the anxiety proved unfounded as the guitar was so well protected.

Wow! This is one truly beautiful guitar. The woods are quite stunning and I am mesmerized by the shimmering figurings in the rosewood on the back which gives it a rather dramatic 3-D effect. The grains in the rosewood and spruce are very nice and the rosette is beautiful and intricate. As for the sound, I must say I have not heard this style of sound before and it is definitely not Spanish in character. Not quite sure how I would describe it... It is very alive, yet folksy and well, earthy at the same time too. I find it very appealing. It is so responsive and I lsimply love the sound of the base. The base voice in this guitar is an experience in itself and is so enveloping. I am very impressed by this guitar and am enjoying every moment of discovering its voice, so rich and textured and to me, so unusual. It has a wide range too. I am liking this sound very very much.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to get this lovely instrument. I am going to really enjoy it in every way. Right now I can hardly put it down and when I do, I can't seem to take my eyes off, admiring the visual beauty of this guitar. Oh... and the scent. I am not sure if it is the scent of the wood or the varnish or even your shop... haha... but certainly my room is now filled with this wonderful scent emanating from this guitar :-)

Thank you very much to you both for your help, your patience and unfailingly prompt response everytime. I have enjoyed doing business with you and will certainly know where to go for my music needs in future.
All the best to you and hope you have a great week ahead.