Dr Fooh Poh Weng. Singapore.

Hi Adrian,

The guitar is absolutely fantastic! I am simply amazed by the clarity and separation of the notes. The trebles are so sweet and the perfect complement of the basses make this guitar an absolute gem. The neck is so comfortable and the action is low but without buzzing making it so easy to play. This Gee just blows my 2 Australian made guitars away. The best part is that it just gets better everyday. I will highly recommend a Michael Gee guitar.

My friends at the guitar club are overwhelmed by the beauty and the sound of this guitar. They would like to know whether Michael's guitars are the best of the English makers that you represent or is there another maker with guitars better than his . One of them is most interested in getting one after trying out the Gee.

I am most happy with this guitar. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to Michael.