Jim Searle. England

Hi Adrian,

Two weeks have now passed since I received from you my new Kevin Aram guitar, a.k.a. Nina, and so I am sending you some comments about her. This is a truly exquisite guitar, and not just aesthetically so, as both the sound and playability fully live up to her looks and the quality of finish and overall craftsmanship is benchmark. For me, that is as high as it can get. Everything that Selina says about this instrument is spot on with both tonal and dynamic responses being exceptionally even and balanced for a new guitar. New spruce guitars are often rather tricky to assess and can be either very spikey or quite dull and lifeless. No such problems with Nina as she sounds and feels like a well played 10 year old. The body depth seems to be comparatively thin but the sheer depth of sound is extraordinary and this should make a superb concert instrument. For me,however, the classical guitar is all about intimacy. I think it is the most intimate of all instruments but if I ever found myself making my way to the concert platform to give a recital, with Nina tucked under my arm, I think I would perform a 180 degree turnaround and head off in the opposite direction, find somewhere totally quiet and secluded, and just play to myself. Bliss !!

The only other comment I think I need to make is --- shes going to get even better.

My heartfelt thanks to you, Adrian, for enabling me to secure this guitar; to Selina for her very precise and professional judgement (you want to try Takemitsu next time); to Sandra for constantly keeping me up-to-date with arrival times,etc; and,of course, none other than Kevin Aram whose creation has given me such immense pleasure with more to come. Funny what a few bits of wood, pot of glue and strands of nylon can do for someone, isnt it ?

Best wishes to you all. Jim Searle.