Dan Palmer. UK

Hi Adrian, Selina and Kevin.

Just a quick note to let you all know how very pleased I am with the above guitar that I received yesterday. She is absolutely beautiful, and sounds and plays like a dream come true. I had to drag myself away from her last night to ring Adrian to let him know that all was OK!

It's the first time that I've experienced an oiled finish. It really sets off the woods a treat and is very tactile to hold and play. The tone of this guitar is amazing, so evenly balanced and sweet, the basses are full and the trebles ring wonderfully. The only slight problem that I have had is that I can't use the Ergoplay rest that Adrian sent me with this guitar, because the Ergoplay uses suction cups, and these don't seal at all on to the oiled finish. This is because the grain of the wood is not covered by any lacquer. I'm loathe to try putting on the plastic stickers that Ergoplay supply with the rest, as if I do that I wonder whether even that will work as the oiled finish is quite slippery, and I really don't what to spoil the perfect finish. However in order to solve this problem I have ordered a couple of Dynarette guitar cushions from Guitarnotes. The Ergoplay rest works perfectly with my other lacquered guitars.

Thank you Kevin for making such a wonderful guitar, and thank you Adrian and Selina for all your help and (very useful and helpful) advice over the last few months!

Best Wishes to you all,

Dan Palmer.