Alun Williams. England

Hello Adrian,

I am sending you a copy of the e-mail sent to Kevin Aram expressing my thanks for enabling me to purchase the guitar at relatively short notice, you will see from my comments below that I am absolutely delighted with her. When I got home and was able to study her in detail I was deeply impressed by all aspects of the design, craftsmanship and finish. The playability, something that was very important to me, is excellent, so responsive and clear.

I also, want to thank you for your role in the process and especially for the help and advice during our discussion last Thursday. I learnt so much during the brief discussion that it has really whetted my appetite to attend your residential weekend. At present I cannot commit as Karen, my wife, is waiting for a date for knee surgery and she really fancies coming along. Although the guitar is still quite tight she is already far ahead of anything I have played previously and because she is so responsive this has led me to question my technique and prompted me to modify my approach to playing- previously I fear I was forcing too much, straining for projection and volume rather than concentrating on the subtleties of shade and tone which were qualities that Selina was able to readily demonstrate when she played for me. Overall, playing has become for more pleasurable and satisfying and I have only had her a week!

I'm sure I shall attend one of your residentials if I can't make the next one- don't forget to let me know when you get the new humidifiers.

All the best for now.