Katsunori Tanaka. Japan. La Chanca Blanca.

Hello Adrian,

I send you the report of this splendid guitar with big pleasure. I spend happy time with her every day! When I choose the guitar, I think that it is a big risk not to test directly. Many of clues were explanations written in the site, However, your commentary was adequate and excellent. It splendidly expressed her character. She sings by a very brilliant single tone and completely balanced chord. The response is also preeminent. Especially, the drive with her in "Bulerias" is amazing! She dashes voluntarily in any fast compass with a vivid creak sounds. This very wide-range sound was differing from a traditional flamenco guitar, and I like this. I enjoy fresh young sound. I love this Modern flamenco guitar. I hope to transmit my impression to you well. I wish you a merry and happy Christmas!