Henry Wu. China. Jean-Noël Rohé Spruce/Brazilian

Hi Adrian,

Here is my comment on the Rohe guitar after playing the guitar for the past 3 weeks. I purchased the Rohe guitar from you purely because of your recommendation. Prior to that, I had almost none knowledge about the guitar. You knew that I have collected several pieces of world class classical guitars, and believed the Rohe would be a great addition to my current collections. I followed your recommendation and now I would like to let you know that this is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my guitar purchasing history. The guitar is very different from all my other collections. The sound of the guitar is powerful, but not at all at the expense of voice quality. This is a piece of very musical instrument, and can always produce music that is above your expectations. The guitar is very responsive to even the lightest touches. It is easy to perform crescendos on the guitar, and as you play louder, the sound does not break up. The sound is always clear and refined and offers variety of tone colour. As always, a big thank you Adrian for the recommendation. Maybe one thing I can do to stop me from keeping thinking why Rohe guitar is such a miracle is to buy a second Rohe from you. You know if the second one repeats the first one in quality, then the first guitar should no longer be a miracle, as a miracle should be peerless. :) All the best,