William Smith. Virginia. USA Contreras C1

When I ordered the Contreras C1, I was already expecting a fine guitar. Even so, after opening the very nice Hiscox case I was immediately absorbed by the beauty of the instrument and spent a long time just enjoying examining the beautiful workmanship, the matched woods and the detail before remembering that it was the music that I ultimately came for. So, I began the tuning up process, impatiently getting longer and longer glimpses of the potential and power of the instrument as the strings began to settle in. After a day or so, I was enjoying the responsiveness and clarity of sound as you said would be the case, making me wonder why I waited so long to make the move to a really good guitar. As with others, the idea of making a purchase by internet of an expensive instrument can be a daunting proposition, but your recommendation was right, and you came through in all respects.

Thanks again.