John Nebi. Richmond, USA. Contreras C1

Hi Adrian,

I have had time now to overcome some of my rustiness and the Contreras C1 has more than met my expectations. I don't have very much to add to the description, as most everything I might have to say has been covered either by you or your customers. It's a great guitar - much better than the Ramirez 1A that I used to own. It responds eagerly to my commands and never fails to please. As advertised, it is an easy guitar to play and the marvelous action does not seem to come at any cost (i.e buzzing, etc). I think if I had been in the high to very high price range, I might have been more reluctant to order a guitar with out trying it, unless of course I was familiar with the maker and/or his instrument(s) in advance. But, if all C1s are consistently this good, I would not hesitate to recommend buying one in this fashion. Also, not to be overlooked is the quality of your website and the underlying feeling that I was dealing with honest people who love what they are doing. Bravo.