David Benedict. Louisiana USA. Contreras C1 Cedar.

Dear Adrian and Selina

I have a new mistress. It is your fault! You said it would take six months before she opened up. She sings like no one else in only five months. I can not wait and look forward to the maturing process for many more years. It is a very personal relationship that very few have the ability to understand and appreciate. The both of you obviously understand and appreciate. I was hesitant about getting the cedar much less trusting someone whom I have never met, but I am very happy that I did. My gut reaction after talking with you played out true. She already has a rich sense of the warmth of cedar and the clarity, separation and brightness of spruce. It is the combination that I have been looking for. The quality of sound is one of the best I have heard that is affordable. It gently persuades and requires me into being a better guitarist. I have never experienced that with any of my other instruments. The both of you said that it had very good potential. You should hear it now compared to when you played it during the selection process. To say thanks for all of your help is simply not enough.

Best regards,

Dave Benedict