John Brenton, UK Vicente Carrillo 1a - Spruce

Hi Adrian and Selina.

Hope you are well and are having / had a great holiday. Just to let you know that my guitar has overwhelmed all expectations! I am able to play pieces that I have struggled with for years e.g Barrios "allegro solemnis". I know that a bad workman shouldn't blame his tools but in this case it is true : my old guitar simply wasn't a quality instrument like the one I now possess. So once again many thanks to yourselves and Sandra for your help and advice. One thing that is concerning me slightly is the humidity level inside the case. It has risen slightly from 58% to 62% recently so I just wondered if you had any tips. I have the three humidity packs one by the neck and two in the sounhole. I play most evenings which is the only time the guitar is out of her case. Or should I just put it down to the general humid Summer we are having! ?
Many thanks.
Best wishes,