Joaquin Delgado. USA Vicente Carrillo Gabriella Cedar.

Thank you Adrian for your note. I had been tracking the guitar during the week and yesterday I found out that the delivery had been postponed until Monday next week. Thus it was a very pleasant surprise to see the UPS truck this morning (Saturday) driving into my driveway to deliver the guitar. The guitar has arrived in perfect condition thanks to the way you packaged it. Thank you for the Hiscox guitar case and the humidifier. It has been very thoughtful and generous of you to include them. I have played the guitar today and I have to tell you that I felt "like riding a bicycle after a long time". The guitar felt very natural in my arms.

The fingers, while slower than what they used to be and quite tender, travelled through the fretboard like if they had been playing this guitar every day. Easy and effortless. I commented my wife that I was amazed that my hand had kept their "memory" after all these years.

The voice projects beautifully, and as you commented its tone is very responsive, vibrant and dynamic. The finish challenges the best Japanese lacquerware in depth, gloss and transparency. It is truly a beautiful guitar to see, play and listen. Thank you for steering me her way.

Now I have two catch up with two decades of not playing. It is going to be wonderful. My best regards along with my thanks. I am glad I contacted you.

Sincerely Joaquin Delgado