David Young, UK Vicente Carrillo Gabriela II - Cedar

Dear Adrian,

Many thanks for the time you spent assisting me to choose the right guitar by providing helpful unbiased information and elliciting many of the answers I already had but needed further opportunities to play a number of guitars to come to a happy conclusion. Despite being stuck in traffic for a five hour journey home, I was throughout the drive and am still, just as excited about my new love as the first moment at Stafford Guitar when I knew she was the one for me! Even my wife, whom doesnt play, recognised the wonderful sound this guitar makes. I have since revisited Selina's description/observations of the guitar and find myself agreeing with every word she wrote. I find it a somewhat strange yet rewarding experience, to not want to put the guitar down! Writing this email being an exception. As usual you have provided the highest level of professionalism and I look forward to purchasing strings and other items from you as and when I need them.

Again Many Thanks