Ruth Boetzel. UK. Bernabe M5 Cedar

Hi, Sandra!

Now that I've had the Bernabe for a week, here is the promised report/feedback:

The guitar is absolutely stunning, both in looks and tone. The rosewood back is beautiful (I keep looking at it in the middle of practicing :) ), and the top is lovely, too. The tuners are very smooth. The tone, wow, just wow! I keep playing and think, 'this sounds really good', and then I play a chord or some notes up the neck and stop and repeat, because it sounds so good! I even like the G string which I always had trouble with before, no matter what strings I used. I often have to play quietly (early morning practice in a Victorian terrace) and that sounds really good, too. Just magical overall!

It's an absolutely wonderful guitar. I was a bit apprehensive of ordering without playing, but I am very, very happy.

Thank you very much for all your help - again!