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Classical Guitar

Here at we pride ourselves on bringing you guitars by many of the World's most talented luthiers. In our search for luthiers we have one guiding principle and that is the musicality of the instrument. Each makers instrument has its own character and personality and delivers the strengths and refinement required by you the player.

Please navigate the site using the menu above and take the time to peruse our stock of the most beautiful and playable English, Classical guitars, Spanish guitars and Flamenco guitars ever made. You can rest assured that Selina and I love our guitars and only stock models that we have tried and tested.

Classical Guitar Weekend Courses can be a great way to learn new skills, enjoy playing with others and have the opportunity to perform in front of an understanding audience.
Classical Guitar Weekends at Farncombe.

English Guitars By

John Ainsworth

In Stock - Spruce guitar

Simon Ambridge

New guitar arriving - 2017

Kevin Aram

New guitar arriving - Spring 2015

Peter Barton

New guitar arriving - May 2015

Pete Beer

In Stock - Spruce guitar

Christopher Dean

New guitar arriving - Spring 2015

Michael Gee

New guitar arriving - Spring 2015

John Hall

In Stock - Spruce guitar

Miles Henderson Smith

In Stock - Spruce guitar

Roger Williams

In Stock - Cedar guitar


German Guitars By

Hermann Hauser

Taking orders for 2016/17 delivery.

Kathrin Hauser

Taking orders for 2016/17 delivery.

Andres Marvi

New guitar arriving March 2015.

Jochen Rothel

In Stock - Spruce guitar


Spanish Guitars By


Spain's most popular guitar


One of the World's finest makers


Spanish Concert guitars


Winner of The Joaquin Rodrigo Guitar Award


Exciting Range of Student Guitars

Flamenco Guitars

Alhambra, Contreras

Left Handed Guitars

Alhambra, Carrillo, Contreras


Pre-owned Guitars


A selection of beautiful older instruments


Misc Items

Hauser Strings

Various gauges and tensions

Bernabe Strings

Especial Strings

D'addario Strings

Various gauges and tensions


Various gauges and tensions

La Bella

Various gauges and tensions


Various gauges and tensions


Various items

New Sheet Music

Solo Guitar

Exam Board Music

Associated Board and Trinity-Guildhall.

Stafford Classical Guitar Centre 1 Catalan Close, Stafford. ST17 4XS. UK. Tel: 0044 (0) 1785 211218


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Our TeacherFind service has been updated to include more information which will help you decide on a suitable guitar teacher.


This free service has been upgraded to allow teachers to offer information on price, qualifications and information to assist the student in making an informed choice.

Selina and her classical guitar

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Preowned Guitars.
If you own a concert guitar you would like to sell, our Preowned page is the best place to help you find a buyer.