Here at Stafford Guitar, we have one overriding principle and that is to make available our skills and knowledge in assisting you to make that perfect selection - whether you are looking for a guitar from one of the World’s best luthiers or that special accessory that makes life easier.

Looking through the pages of our site you will find information and advice on many subjects relating to the Classical guitar as well as weekend guitar courses, pdf downloads of music, arranged by Selina, and much more.

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A message from Adrian & Selina...

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First let me introduce ourselves – Adrian & Selina

We have been involved in everything to do with the Classical guitar for over 75 years, that is combined years not just myself ☺

Selina performs as a soloist and in a guitar duo and previously taught at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Myself. I have been learning and teaching the guitar for over 35 years.

The skills we have learnt throughout our musical lives has helped us to develop Stafford Guitar.
Enjoy your visit.


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